Wood Flooring Notes

Wood Flooring Notes Blog #1

Wood flooring has many type,styles, and finishes. In the next few posts, I thought I could review some of the more commonly aske questions people have. The cost, color, style, “green”, finishes, completion time and more. Since there are many topics, I’ll try to take these one subject at a time.

Cost is often a total of many items. These can include the cost of flooring, specific underlayment or adhesive, jobs site situations, finishing choices and more.

New wood flooring materials can cost from $2-$15 per square foot and even more. Quite a range! Flooring can come unfinished or prefinished. Generally the cheaper the materials the less quality and durability it may have.

Labor costs to install new flooring can vary greatly from nail down installation to floating or glue down applications. Other factors that can impact cost are type of heating systems like radiant heat or air vents in the floor, decorative patterns and thresholds. Confined areas like kitchens, halls and closets add time and cost as well.

Sanding and finishing is another factor in overall cost. If you have an old floor that just needs refinishing then that simplifies matters. You’ll still need to consider stain color if any, type of finish and how many coats, drying time and smell, dust control and cleanup and furniture removal and replacement.

Access, parking are considerations in the city and some condominiums limit work hours and finish choices. Adding together all these things will get you a true idea of what’s involved as well as total cost